Tree Hazards

How to recognise tree hazards! When is it time to call us?

Trees can fall, cause a number of injuries to people and animals, and even damage properties. Whenever this happens, we call it a hazard to signify that they bring a significant amount of risk with their presence. It is important to remember that any tree has a potential to fall and hit something or someone. So if you own a tree, it is actually your responsibility to ensure that your trees are safe. Once a hazard has been identified, you need to call the best tree removal experts Sunshine Coast.

Hazardous Trees & Power Lines

If trees grow under power lines, they pose some serious danger to those who live around just in case they fall or a branch breaks off. They may also cause outages of electricity, fires, surges and other damages. Wires containing electricity are extremely dangerous if they tough branches of a tree. Please do not hastate to call us if you experience any of the following scenarios:

    • Many dead branches in the tree
    • Presence of fungi & bacteria at the tree’s base
    • Presence of detached branches hanging from the tree
    • Decayed part of the tree particularly the trunk or branches
    • Presence of cracks or splits on the trunk of the treeDied up tree
    • A leaning tree
    • Many branches in one side of the tree
    • Broken roots
    • Heavily pruned trees

    Managing Tree Hazards

    If you allow a tree to become a hazard, you may not only be endangering your life and that of your family, you run the risk of being sued and picking quarrels with your neighbors because of the potential risks, and possibly the damages that the trees may bring. So reducing the risks associated with the hazards trees should be your first priority. If you are not sure about what to do with a hazardous tree, then you should contact an arborist who is experienced with hazardous tree to help manage the hazard. It is worth repeating that no hazard should be left unattended to and certainly, you should not put off ay task you think involves averting an accident.

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