Tree Hazards

How to recognise tree hazards! When is it time to call us?

Trees can fall, cause a number of injuries to people and animals, and even damage properties. Whenever this happens, we call it a hazard to signify that they bring a significant amount of risk with their presence. It is important to remember that any tree has a potential to fall and hit something or someone. So if you own a tree, it is actually your responsibility to ensure that your trees are safe. Once a hazard has been identified, you need to call the best tree removal experts Sunshine Coast.

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Hazardous Trees & Power Lines

If trees grow under power lines, they pose some serious danger to those who live around just in case they fall or a branch breaks off. They may also cause outages of electricity, fires, surges and other damages. Wires containing electricity are extremely dangerous if they tough branches of a tree. Please do not hastate to call us if you experience any of the following scenarios:

    • Many dead branches in the tree
    • Presence of fungi & bacteria at the tree’s base
    • Presence of detached branches hanging from the tree
    • Decayed part of the tree particularly the trunk or branches
    • Presence of cracks or splits on the trunk of the treeDied up tree
    • A leaning tree
    • Many branches in one side of the tree
    • Broken roots
    • Heavily pruned trees

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