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Stump removal service

If you’ve ever gotten a tree removed, you probably know how a stubborn stump can ruin your entire landscape. At Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast, we can take care of all types of unsightly stumps using specialised equipment and industry best practices. As a professional tree service that has been serving the Sunshine Coast area for years, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service, competitive prices, and consistent communication to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on tree stump removal Sunshine Coast professional service.

Tree stump removal

From simple to complex, our professional crew at Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast can handle all types of tree and stump removal near me service. Typically, we recommend grinding the remaining stump since it’s a faster and cost effective method. However, if you had a tree removed because the roots had started causing damage to the foundation or plumbing, we recommend manual tree stump removal Sunshine Coast locals trust. It allows us to get rid of a small tree stump without damaging nearby utilities.

Chemical removal is another method, which involves the application of chemicals to break down the stump and its roots. However, it’s important to note that this method may result in a dead zone around the stump area due to contamination of the soil unless the affected soil is properly removed.

Stump grinding

We propose stump grinding as an efficient method to restore the aesthetic appeal of your garden, prevent pests, and eliminate a potential trip hazard. In addition to ensuring that the stump is removed safely, it allows property owners to make more space in their yard for a possible extension or upgrade.

We’re trained to use a specialised stump grinder Sunshine Coast equipment that breaks down the top roots of the stump 4 to 6 inches below grade. So, all visible parts of the stump are ground a few inches deep. After we grind the stump to mulch, we fill any holes with soil and other organic material.

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Arborist services

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Land clearing

We offer land clearing services for clients overseeing new construction on undeveloped land. At Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast, we’ve completed several land clearing jobs for both residential and commercial projects of all scales and sizes. Each task involves brush removal and forestry mulching. The first part of the process includes removing small trees, weeds, and shrubs. The second part of the job includes grinding trees and plants into mulch.

With our block clearing services, we can prepare the site for further construction. We can help you stay on schedule and meet deadlines by getting the job done quickly – without compromising on quality. Contact our professional team today to schedule an assessment and get a free quote.

Brush removal

During brush removal, our team of specialists uses advanced machinery to remove different types of vegetation. This includes small trees, shrubs, plants, and weeds that can interfere with the construction process. Besides levelling the site for further development, brush removal also makes it easier to access the location and bring in necessary equipment. Rest assured that we make sure to avoid any damage to the surrounding trees and environment.

Tree mulching

After we remove existing vegetation from the site, we turn it into mulch as part of our process to prepare the site for the next stage of development. In forestry mulching, we grind trees and other vegetation using a specialised wood chipper. These wood chips are used as mulch to improve the area’s soil quality and reduce the risk of erosion. This is an important factor because the type of soil can have a major impact on the foundation and structural integrity of upcoming construction.

Stump grinding Sunshine Coast, Queensland service area

Frequently asked questions

Is stump grinding safe?

Yes, stump grinding is one of the safest methods to effectively remove stumps using advanced equipment. Our professional stump grinding Sunshine Coast team is equipped with appropriate gear and we comply with current safety guidelines.

Can I leave tree stumps and roots?

Qualified arborists would advise against delaying stump and root removal. Leaving the stump can cause it to rot and affect nearby trees. Besides looking bad, it can also become a breeding ground for pests such as termites. Leaving the tree stumps also exposes you and your family to a potential trip hazard, while it takes up space in your backyard.

What methods are used for tree stump removal?

Stump removal methods include stump grinding, excavation, and chemical treatment. The choice of method depends on factors such as tree stump size, location, and surrounding landscape.

Do wood chips make good mulch?

Yes, freshly ground wood chips are great for mulching. Using them on the surface of the soil can encourage the growth of new plants and trees. It also increases nutrients and ventilation in the soil. If you have any questions about using mulch, we can provide recommendations on how to use it.

"Came home to no trees and amazing how you managed to clean up what I thought would be one huge mess!!! Have had all the local neighbourhood popping in to tell me how good you boys were and very professional. They have all asked for your number. Thanks again. Very happy with a tree less yard"
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