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Tree trimming service

There are times when the trees in your trees in your property need trimming. Tree trimming is essential to remove potential hazards. At Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast, we pride ourselves on exceptional tree trimming services that adhere to Australian standards.

Our team of certified arborists is available to provide a diverse array of services, including tree pruning, crown reduction, and additional offerings.

We ensure that our fully qualified arborists are using the correct methods essential to your tree trimming needs. Our Sunshine Coast experts are equipped with decades of commercial tree trimming experience. Why should you trim your trees? These are the main reasons you should trim your trees. You might want to trim your tree to:

  • Remove dead branches and limbs
  • Remove crowded branches
  • Increase air and light penetration
  • Increase the growth of the tree

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Tree pruning

Maintain your trees with our effective tree pruning services. Our team specializes in the pruning of large trees & palm trees, ensuring their continued beauty on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. With the necessary knowledge & tools, our professionals can enhance the appearance of your trees. Get in touch with our professional arborist & keep your trees in their best shape.

Pruning services

At Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast, we offer pruning services to enhance the beauty of the trees in your backyard. When considering tree pruning services for your property or garden, it’s crucial to understand correct pruning methods. Deadwooding targets dead or dying branches, enhancing tree health and appearance. Crown and canopy tree thinning improve light and air circulation, while crown canopy lifting creates clearance for structures or vehicles. Crown reduction reduces tree size and weight by removing specific branches.


This service involves certified arborists removing dead and dying branches that cause the tree problem. One of the benefits of deadwooding is the improvement of the tree’s health and beauty.

Crown and canopy thinning

Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast also offers crown and canopy thinning services. This service improves the air movement and light penetration of the trees in your backyard.

Crown canopy lifting

Our crown canopy lifting services include the removal of low branches from a tree to provide more space for you and your family.

Crown thinning

If you want to minimize the size of a tree, you should consider crown reduction services. At Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast, we will ensure the safety of everyone as we proceed with the crown reduction process.

Tree lopping

As a leading provider of tree services in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast is dedicated to ensuring the health & safety of trees in the area. Our focus is to provide quality tree lopping services that control a tree’s size, shape, and growth while maintaining its natural beauty. We have a team of experienced tree lopper who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely remove hazardous branches from hazardous trees.

Shrub trimming

Are your shrubs too stubborn to control? Our shrub trimming and pollarding service provides the best results of foliage for your home. Our expert arborists are meticulous in trimming and making your shrubs beautiful. Additionally, we offer mulching services to further improve the health and appearance of your garden.

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Frequently asked questions

Does regular tree pruning help my tree to improve its health?

Yes, regular tree pruning improves the health and beauty of your trees by preventing pests and diseases.

What are the signs that I need my trees to be pruned?

One of the signs that your tree should be pruned is dead branches and diseases visibly seen from the tree.

How many times should I get my trees pruned?

If you notice signs of pests and diseases, you need to get your trees pruned regularly to maintain the beauty and health of your trees.

When should I call for tree lopping services?

If you see hazardous branches hanging from power lines, you should call Advanced Tree Surgery Sunshine Coast for an emergency lopping service.

"Came home to no trees and amazing how you managed to clean up what I thought would be one huge mess!!! Have had all the local neighbourhood popping in to tell me how good you boys were and very professional. They have all asked for your number. Thanks again. Very happy with a tree less yard"
Jasmine Summers

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